Introducing ZoomSwap

The next evolution in DeFi, on IoTeX
🚀 ZoomSwap is a cross-chain infrastructure project that builds liquidity for layer-one blockchains AMMs and partnering projects. Launching on loTeX, ZoomSwap establishes diverse ecosystem including Zoom Exchange, Zoom Lottery, Rocket Pool, Farm and NFT marketplace.
Zoom Lottery is easy to play and full of fun with 2 rounds a day, providing players with an exciting opportunity to win $ZM. Meanwhile, Farm and Rocket Pool with high APR provide great chances for you to earn more $ZM and other project tokens.
ZoomSwap benefits from fast and cheap transaction capabilities on IoTeX.
We believe that we are still in the early stage of crypto. We are still exploring new planets in space.
Go, Zoom, Explore!


🏦 Exchange
ZoomSwap is built on top of mimo.exchange, a DEX on IoTeX network. LP tokens are Mimo-LP tokens.
You can earn $ZM with our Farms by staking your LP tokens. Currently, we offer farms of the following LP tokens. More are coming. We will run governance proposal to adjust the ratio of each farm.
$ZM tokens are first launched on IoTeX. Unlike other farming tokens with unlimited supply, it has a total maximum supply and will decrease as it is mined, yes, just like Bitcoin.

Why IoTeX?

🌎 ZoomSwap will be launched on IoTeX — it is the fastest, most secure, and most scalable blockchain platform on the market.
We will partner with IoTeX to mine real world assets too.
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🚀 Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

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