Step-by-step Telegram Referral Airdrop
Talk to https://t.me/zoomswapbot to get started.
1. Click / Start to active the conversation with bot.
2. Click to 'βš™ Set Wallet' below and enter the ioPay address to proceed to the next step
3. Click the 'πŸ“ Tasks' to get the Tasks.
Note: You must complete the task, then the points you earn in Referral Airdrop will be valid.
Required Task
4. Click 'πŸš€ Referral' to get the referral link. You can get 10 points per referral.
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5. Click 'πŸ’° Referral Balance' to check how many points you have.
❗ Spammers will void their points if detected. We use advanced technology to detect spammers.
Note: All airdrop amounts will be finalized and uploaded to smart contract before the launch. Please reach out in our telegram group if you see the numbers are not correct.
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