1. What happens if there are no winners?

If no ticket is able to match all 4 numbers, all reward will be moved to the next Lottery round.

2. How are prizes distributed in different brackets?

Match first 2 number
Match first 3 number
Match first 4 number

3. Can I swap my tickets back to $ZM?

No, once purchased you will not be able to convert your ticket back to $ZM.

4. How often is the lottery?

A new round of lottery starts every week.

5. How will I know if I have won?

After the draw, the page will display your winning result, of course, you can also manually match your ticket numbers with the winning numbers for greater excitement.

6. If I win, do I need to manually claim the prize?

Yes, you will need to click the “Claim” button on the lottery page.

7. Where can I see the winning ticket numbers?

The 4 winning lottery numbers are drawn and will appear on the bottom of page.

8. Why can I only buy 20 tickets?

You can only buy a maximum of 20 tickets in one purchase, but you can make multiple purchases. There's nothing to stop you buying more tickets after your first 20.

9. What transaction fee will I pay for buying tickets?

Every ticket purchase you make will be one transaction. Purchasing a single ticket in a Lottery purchase will cost the normal amount of fees for a transaction.
However, buying more tickets in that purchase will increase the fee. Buying 10 tickets rather than 1 will not multiply the fee by 10, but may increase the fee amount by several times (though this varies).

10. Are all ticket numbers unique?

There are a total of 256 different ticket combinations. This may be adjusted later based on the number of participants.
Ticket numbers are given out randomly. As such, there is a small chance that a user receives the same 4 digits in two tickets held.