How to Migrate Farms and Zoom Pools

ZoomSwap has been upgraded to Zoom V2. Please migrate your assets from V1 to V2 to discover a bigger universe.
Step 1: Click on the "Connect Wallet" button on the top-right corner of the page.
Step 2: Ensure you choose the corresponding wallet you'd like to connect to ZoomSwap with and select "connect". (Please connect to the IoTeX mainnet). Accept the connection and you're free to roam!
For MetaMask users, you can quickly deploy IoTeX mainnet here.
Step 3: Click "Migrate LP from V1" to migrate your assets.
Step 4: Choose the pool to migrate.
Step 5: Follow the prompts to complete the migration step by step(only in the ZM/IOTX and ZM/BUSD-bsc pool).
Step 6: Click "Withdraw" to withdraw your ZOOM/IOTX and ZOOM/BUSD-bsc from ZoomSwap V1.
Step 7: Click "Go Exchange" to remove your old LP.
Step 8: Click "Go Swap" to swap your ZOOM to ZM.
Step 9: Click "Go Exchange" to add your new LP token to ZoomSwap V2.
Step 10: Click "Enable Farm" to enable the new farm pool in ZoomSwap V2.
Step 11: Click "Stake" to stake your new LP tokens to the new farm pool.
Step 12: DONE! You can successfully transfer your ZOOM/IOTX and ZOOM/BUSD-bsc to ZoomSwap V2 via these tutorials!
Step 13: For other pools, you can complete the migration in an easy way - just click "Start Migration".
Congratulations, you have successfully completed all migrations! Go, ZOOM, Explore!
Reminder: Please confirm the amount of your assets before and after.