Exchange Overview

🏦 Token swap on ZoomSwap is a simple way to integrate with mimo, the top DEX on IoTeX, and use mimo's liquidity pool to trade one XRC-20 token for another.
Since DEXs do not use order-books and instead use an automated market maker (AMM) mechanism, the exchange requires the use of liquidity pools, which come from Liquidity Providers ("LPs") who stake their tokens pairs in "Pools" on the DEX. In exchange, they receive LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens. These LP tokens can then be staked in Farms to earn $ZM.
ZoomSwap directly interfaces with the third-party AMM liquidity pool, which means that users directly trade on third-party DEX throughZoomSwap. Each transaction user needs to spend 0.3% as Liquidity Provider Fee. ZoomSwap does not charge any additional fees, and we do not retain any part of the LP reward.